Using the Pendulum (Part 2)

Using the pendulum (Part 2)

What can I use dowsing for? Using the pendulum (Part 2):

If you’ve read my previous post about learning how to use a pendulum then you may be interested to know what you can use it for – using the pendulum for some simple day to day questions.

When I was learning I sought out just this sort of information to experiment with and get an understanding of the dowsing process before learning more complicated work that is my day to day now.

Ok, so you’ve programmed your pendulum and it now responds accurately and reliably to a yes or no response. You’ve asked it to confirm your name (with a yes or no of course, nothing more!) and maybe whether its raining or not. Now what? How about using the pendulum for the following:

  • Finding those missing keys…or golf balls!
  • Looking for water pipes in the garden before puncturing one with a new fence post
  • Deciding the best place in the garden to plant a tree (This would require a series of questions probably)
  • Checking if a food item is fresh enough to eat safely (with sensible caution of course)
  • To decide which television programme you would learn most from, from a selection
  • To decide which is the best holiday destination for you this year
  • To find out the optimum number of glasses of water you should drink for your health each day
  • To decide if you should take an umbrella today!
  • Checking if fruit is optimally ripe (useful for pears which can be deceptive)
  • You could even try choosing a paint colour from a chart to provide the right attributes for a room! (though you should take into account the right colour for feng shui too of course)
  • To choose a book or new author to read that you would enjoy
  • To determine the length of time of a journey by car (yes I know you can look at your satnav but it might be fun to see if you can predict it too). Just ask is it more than 10 minutes, more than 10, more than 15, is it 16, 17, 18 and so on until the pendulum comes to a stop)
  • To choose a date!

The key is to be calm, trust the pendulum, and disconnect your logical brain for a while. It also helps to ask ‘Is this the truth?’ every now and then too for something important. Be patient. Good dowsing takes time to develop.

As ever, only ask appropriate questions abiding by the ethical code of dowsers starting with ‘Can I, May I, Should I?’ and abide by the response

For more detailed dowsing training refer to the British Society of Dowsers who run excellent courses across the country

For more information on my dowsing work with Geopathic Stress, House Surveys, and Dowsing the Person please read other pages on this site, or get in touch