Recent testimonials for my work:

Crystal Therapy Work

” Throughout your work I sat for an hour in perfect peace – totally relaxed ”


” Since I had the last crystal therapy with you just over a year ago my health and energy level have been really good. The gut problems I had associated with ME have virtually cleared up! It’s been fantastic year for me regarding health and well being thank you so much ”


“I had a friend over last night who thought our energies were different. He noticed that our interactions were much more loving”


“I haven’t noticed anything major yet although this morning when my negative thinking was about to take it’s usual self into the abyss of darkness I had a good talking to myself and it didn’t go there, it that makes sense? So I hope that continues. If it does it will be life changing”


” Sarah’s skills were introduced to me by a friend. having used many alternative/complimentary therapies before, I was not familiar with dowsing. Feeling pretty desperate, you could say I was grasping at straws…however, I actually pulled the long straw! I would highly recommend Sarah for her communication, understanding and dowsing work which has created a shift in my problems. Some may say its coincidental…I do believe that it was Sarah’s work that created this shift in a very sad situation, makinglife that little bit easier. Thank you Sarah”


” I was having a really rather bad day. I even considered going back to the doctors, which was something I really wanted to avoid. However late afternoon I felt a bit of a ‘switch’. I can’t really describe it other than I felt somehow lighter and the things I was sad about or stressing over didn’t seem to matter so much. Mum has even said that I am like my old self or the real (name) ”


” I’m feeling great! Thank you so much. I’m very grateful, it’s been a terrible time for me. I would say I’m 100% better now! ”


” Physically I don’t feel any different yet, but spiritually I feel much lighter. A real feeling of peace and contentment. A lot less anger. It’s lovely. Whatever you did, please do it again. I feel like my soul went to weight watchers x ”


” I must tell you that at this point in the moon cycle I would usually be feeling very low in energy and foggy. To the point where I’ve actually started to avoid arranging anything for this time of the month but this month I feel totally fine! So I thank you for this huge improvement which has essentially given me back a week of each month as I now seem to be able to function well again in this week. Wow!! ”


” I noticed a big change in my daughter when I spoke to her on the phone this morning. For months now I’ve felt that somehow the daughter I knew had ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by someone I didn’t really understand (and who wasn’t that easy to be with). Today for the first time in ages she seemed like her old self again. I’m sure the therapy has helped her ”


” Thank you so much for the crystal session yesterday. I do feel quite balanced and well from the treatments I have had. Since the house clearance and treatments I have improved with my sleep patterns and I have not had any hot sweats either. I will most definitely get a top up treatment in 6 months ”


” The change in my daughter has been quite remarkable Sarah. She has started a new job, was home this weekend and was a delight, thanking me for being her Mum. She made huge efforts with her siblings and friends being very sociable etc. It’s as if she’s back again! ”


” The left knee is the most obvious joint of pain which came with the rheumatoid arthritis and this has been changing almost by the hour. The other thing about the left leg in particular is the bunion joint of the big toe. There has been deformity there for many years but in the last 3 days the inflammation on the joint is astonishing ”


” You should be very proud of your abilities and bravery for stepping into the unknown. As I said, I have had many different treatments from different people over the years and tours definitely carries big power! ”


” I had my back checked today at Pilates. My pelvis has remained straight and even since the treatment she gave me 20 days ago which is highly unusual. Not what she or I was expecting at all as it always slips a little, no matter how good it’s been. Reckon that healing work has helped me stay straight on top of all the other good it did! You are amazingly gifted ”


” I do feel happier and more positive today, although I’m not sure if its real or a placebo effect knowing that I had a session yesterday, but I will take it anyway! ” (Editor’s Notes: Clients often find it difficult to put their finger on what exactly has happened after a first session but know that something definitely has!)