How do I remove Geopathic Stress from my home?

How do I remove Geopathic Stress from my home?

How do I know if my home is suffering from Geopathic Stress?

What is Geopathic Stress?

First of all I’d better explain that Geopathic Stress is the unseen earth energies beneath and within a property that lower the immunity of the occupants of the home. This can cause  symptoms such as sleeplessness, tiredness and headaches, but which can escalate ultimately to more serious health problems with candida overgrowth, depression, physical pain and psychological problems. The negative earth energies can result from subterranean water, the earths’ magnetic lines, mineral deposits and geological faults, archaeological features, sites of past earth trauma such as battle sites and other conflicts, and so on.

If you have noticed the following, then its possible that you have a source of Geopathic Stress under your home:

  • If you have recently moved home and have either not slept well since, or have started suffering from a symptom that you didn’t have before
  • Do you always feel better when away from your home or office?
  • Maybe you have suffered from general poor health over a long period of time?
  • Perhaps you have lived a healthy life and have unexpectedly developed a serious illness it is possible that your immune system has been impaired by Geopathic Stress
  • If your cat or dog sleeps consistently in an unusual place in the home or garden (cats love Geopathic Stress, dogs hate it) they could be indicating where an earth energy line runs
  • Does your home suffers from infestations of ants or wasps regularly?
  • When groups of shrubs in your garden die unexpectedly or trees lean (away from energy lines) or grow mishapenly.
  • So if at this point you suspect that you might have a problem, how do you go about solving it?

Professional dowsers are employed to assess properties (homes and businesses) for Geopathic Stress. Then using a variety of methods, to neutralise or remove the problems.

Dowsing is essentially the process of asking a series of specific questions using either special metal rods, or a crystal pendulum over charts, maps and plans. It is an ancient skill, traditionally used to find life giving water, which has developed into a method of assessing properties for health within the last 40 years. Dowsers are also able to assess the human body for health issues too. Once a property has been treated the individual exposed to the negative energies has chance to either recover independently or to respond more effectively to conventional medicine.

In my experience, the average house experiences 100 geopathic stress issues, but these are particularly noticeable to the health when lines pass below the occupants’ bed when asleep at night.

I am a Registered Practitioner with the British Society of Dowsing and am available for work worldwide, as well as work within the local vicinity of Suffolk. My work is carried out virtually all ‘remotely’ ie. I do not visit the property but use maps and plans for my assessment and treatment. This is a widely used and recognised practise even though it can seem a little strange to clients initially. Remote work allows me to tune into the energies distantly without being ‘distracted’ by their power and so lose focus. Its a curious process but one that absolutely works!

It is possible to carry out an initial office assessment of a property, producing a figure for geopathic stress for a building on a scale of -7 to +7 (- being negative, + being better) that gives an indication of the level of problem to the occupants. For a fuller assessment then a plan of the property will be required along with guidance as to how to find the property on Google Maps and Streetview. After the initial assessment we would set up a day to carry out the first part of the work. I would then carry on with the clearing work until complete and balanced.  The aim at the end is to achieve a level of +7 for the property for optimum health. This sometimes involves the client in making minor changes themselves too. The effect of the dowsing process can be felt either immediately or within 24 hours, and the work is painless!

To contact me for a property assessment, or assessment of yourself, please email to, or phone 01473 738038.