Past Life Therapy

Are you interested to know through Past Life Therapy who you have been in past lives? Do you have a specific pain, birthmark, fear, phobia, weight issue, spontaneous recall or dreams that could have their root in your past? Do you have a particular health issue that could be approached through Past Lives? Are you completely fascinated by another culture or a particular place and wonder why? Or have a particular interest or hobby that doesn’t fit in with your background or upbringing? Have you ever had deja vu in a place you know you have never visited before? Do you have a strong connection with a partner or friend as if you’ve known them ‘forever’. And wonder if you’ve met before? Or have an absolute irrational dislike to a particular person? Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes in life over and over?

Maybe Past Life Therapy could help you?

Past Life Regression SuffolkPast Life Regression SuffolkPast Life Regression Suffolk

What is Past Life Therapy?

Past Life Therapy is a form of gentle hypnosis that allows you to take a journey into your past lives that are normally locked up in your subconscious. You can discover and actually see who you have been and where you have lived, way back into history. Past Life Therapy can be used to go back in time to find the events that have set up problems in this life. Such as for instance a fear of water or dogs, an obsession with cleanliness, a fear of anything around the neck, or a phobia about having to speak in public. It can also be used to find the cause of a health issue that is more deeply rooted in the system than can be accessed by normal medical intervention. Events can be both in past lives, and sometimes in the present life, obscured from memory but still causing problems. Past traumas can be revisited gently under hypnosis and dealt with so that they no longer have an effect in this life. Past Life Therapy or ‘Regression’ is a bit like doing a Google search of all the memories in your past, everything you have ever said or done, and how these affect your decision making in this present life. Your subconcious is just holding the mouse and guiding you towards scenes that have an importance to you now with therapeutic effect.

What is hypnosis like?

Forget what you have seen of hypnosis on the TV or on the stage … you will not end up strutting like a chicken! This is nothing like mind control. Hypnosis in this sense is carried out sitting up on my couch/sofa, starting with visualisation and relaxation techniques. You are still aware of sounds around you and in fact conduct a conversation with me throughout, describing what you see. I will ask you a lot of questions about what you can see, hear or feel so that you keep moving, looking and finding out about the life that you are looking at. You are not asleep and are fully in control, just open to the sometimes vivid images of your life in your head. This is a perfectly safe and natural means of accessing other areas of the brain and soul memories. In fact you drift in and out of hypnotic states naturally every day without realising it. Whenever you get engrossed in something, lose track of time, or drive to a destination on autopilot, you are in a state of hypnosis. You could think of it as being ‘in the zone’ but in this case with specific intent to view past lives.

Are past lives to do with reincarnation?

Reincarnation is not a common concept talked about in the UK but is an underlying principle with most religions in the world. Briefly, reincarnation is thought of as the process of returning after death to live again on earth, experience and evolve further. Other theories about past lives include the carrying of genetic memory through generations of families; memories stored in the Akashic records accessed by the soul; an addiction to life; whatever your personal beliefs are.

Why did you train in Past Life Regression?

I was fascinated when I went for Regression myself and could see the benefit of doing it for this lifetime. My regressions showed me life as a young man in an Amazonian rainforest carrying a spear; being a young boy on a Roman rowing galleon; a warrior on a Mongolian battlefield; a Medieval lady on a throne; a young woman with a baby in a Victorian workhouse; a nurse in World War 2, and so on. I went into Regression Therapy in the first place because I had an unexplained pain in my throat and neck. I discovered I had been mistakenly strangled in a past life. Once I’d reviewed the scene and fully understood the situation and why it happened, my problem pain vanished! It led me to training to help others have a better understanding of who they have been and the reasons why their lives might not be flowing as they should. My work with Crystal Therapy has also led me to understand just how important the energy from our past lives has on the present one.

Can you tell me more about the therapy side of this?

It has become apparent to me over the years as a Past Life Therapist just how beneficial to health carrying out a Past Life Regression can be. From working on phobias and fears, to the reasons for Emotional Energy being trapped in the body. Sometimes just seeing who you have been in a past life can be enough to discharge energy from the past that is holding you back. Other times we can investigate the conditions by which you have found yourself in a particular situation, with the people involved, or the type of activity you have been involved with. Then by talking it through whilst in hypnosis or talking to the people concerned we can discharge negative energies from the past. Another situation might be where we discover in the session that a part of you in a past life has stayed ‘earthbound’ ie. has not passed over properly. By helping to restore this part of your soul to your present life things can start to flow again, and you can feel strangely ‘whole’ again. There is far more to Past Life Regression than one might think.

At what point should I consider a Past Life Therapy session?

I have discovered through my career in both Past Life Regression and associated Crystal Therapy for Health work that in order to get the very most from a Past Life Therapy session one needs to be in reasonable health in the first place. The ability to get into hypnosis and make the very most of what one can see, hears, and even smell in the session depends on having a fairly free health system. By this I mean that one has as little Emotional Energy within the auras and as few blockages on the meridian system of the body. I have found that by far the best method is to work with clients first via Crystal Therapy for Health first. Then include a Regression session possibly towards the end of the process as part of our therapeutic ‘journey’. It can help to sort out anything that has been missed by the subconscious holding on to the information, or that just hasn’t been accessible to date, creating energetic blocks to flow. It can have other benefits too of course like a better understanding of our place in the world. Or how we travel in time with our families and friends, even work colleagues in ‘soul groups’. How we repeat behaviour from life to life with sometimes the same people. Or how an event in a past life can have often a large effect on this lifetime. It puts everything in perspective for this lifetime as well as sorting out problems from the past.

Is there anything else that might prevent hypnosis from working?

As well as being free of Emotional Energy in the system, I have also found through experience that things like medicinal drugs, recreational drugs and even tobacco smoking can inhibit one’s chance of achieving a good regression session. They can all hold one back from ‘seeing’ anything and create a blockage to viewing past lives either in any detail or at all. I hate to disappoint clients so at times have tried conducting a basic crystal session within the regression appointment to get things started after an initial failure. But this is not the same as the many successful regressions that I have had with clients in good health already.

Can you give me an example of what I might see?

In the last year my clients for Past Life Therapy work have seen themselves in a range of different situations. One saw life as a monk ringing a bell up in a tower. Then as a police officer in France in a revolution. Later as a captain of a ship in 1780 at Alexandria, on a crusade in the Holy Land with the Templars, with the Cathars in a French castle. And finally as a man in feathered hair clothes in the ‘Far Land’ with feasting, drumming, tents, a celebration and symbolic eagles. That was a full regression! A second was a man in gangland America in 1919 running a poker game and then as a ‘Hysteria’ patient in a sanatorium. A third was in an air battle in the Pacific in WWII. Then as a young girl at a chateau too small to reach the table to eat. A fourth described being a factory owner manufacturing tarmac in London. A fifth described a life amongst vikings, big hairy men with hairy waistcoats, and carving double ended canoes. Also life as a horse rancher in the Mid West. A sixth saw herself as a young female hunter with a bow and arrow catching rabbits. Then as another young woman banished by a wealthy family from marrying her fiancee in favour of another woman. Yet another saw life as an Egyptian king but that is unusual in that clients generally see ‘regular’ lives and not of those in importance. I regularly see clients who see live with Red Indians, the armed forces, as ladies of various centuries looking after their families or properties as servants. Or experiencing oddities such as the first steam trains or the first bulky computers.

Do any of your clients see their own deaths?

Quite a few experience what it is like to pass over (die) and the calm and peace that goes with it. This can be very comforting and empowering and there is no physical sensation involved. I am quite keen to encourage this experience if the opportunity presents itself but am guided by my clients as to what they would prefer. There is absolutely no predicting where you will end up or what you will see and no way I can guess in advance either. Its always fascinating for both of us. It creates a great peace of knowing that you have lived before, will again, and therefore taking the pressure off ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ in this life. You can just do it in the next! Clients are also always interested if they see loved ones and friends from their present life also in the past, showing that we travel in time with groups of people.

What do people say about your work?

Recent testimonials for my work include:

“I have had past life regression before and found this was handled skilfully by Sarah. It was a bit like watching and being in a film. We visited three lives which had relevance to my current life. They provided a lot of insight as to why certain things may be happening now. Sarah is a ‘safe pair of hands’ to do this work with”

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed today – utterly amazing! It was just so incredibly surreal! I was thrilled to have done it – and amazed by the results. Thank you”

“Thank you for a most enlightening and interesting morning. I seem to have a subconscious that loves a good chat! What we found will give me food for thought for a long time, and has left me with some very positive feelings”

“My life has definitely changed since the regression. I no longer have trouble with public speaking, and everything has got easier, thank you”

“I wasn’t sure what I would see or what it would feel like. I certainly hadn’t imagined that it would make me feel so calm and ‘floaty’ afterwards!”

“I have a lot less trouble with my shoulder now thank you. The Regression and the Crystal Therapy seem to have sorted it out”

Some common questions:

  • Q:  What happens when I arrive for Past Life Regression?
  • A:  We will run through a brief questionnaire, and talk about your life and family and what you are interested to find out, or what problem you would like to investigate. Then we will will start the hypnosis process with a scripted relaxation process with your eyes closed sitting or lying on my sofa. I will speak to you about relaxing areas of the body, leading to creating images of walking through a garden and down some steps ie. effectively taking you into hypnosis. You will then look for a path and doorways into past lives after which we start looking at who you are, what you look like, where you find yourself and so on. You might go though one door to look at one life or generally you would see three of four different lives. During the process I will make an mp3 sound recording for your future reference.
  • Q: What happens afterwards?
  • We will chat about what you have seen and a few days later I will send you a typed transcript of the notes I have taken whilst you talked and looked around. Also the mp3 recording to keep.
  • Q:  Is it possible to get stuck in hypnosis?
  • A:  No absolutely not. You will be very surprised at just how light the hypnosis is. You will be aware of sounds around you and we will be speaking about what you see. Its a very natural and intriguing process.
  • Q:  Is there anything that might stop me being hypnotised?
  • A:  Everyone has the potential to be hypnotised but as I said above the very best experiences are achieved by those in better health or those with whom I have already worked with through Crystal Therapy. Drugs and smoking seem to inhibit the ability to ‘see’ as does significant medicinal treatment.  Please note that I do not work with anyone under the age of 18.
  •  Q: Do I need to have an imagination to do this?
  • A: Regression and the ability to see past lives uses the facility of ‘imagination’. In other words the ability to see in images. Not making it up, just seeing in images. All we have to do is to tap into that ability, and everyone can do that if they want to. The main issue is trust in the process and trust in yourself. The key is to be fully relaxed at the beginning.
  • Q: Is there anything that in advance would enhance my experience of regression?
  • A: I have found that clients who have previously had Crystal Therapy to remove excess emotional energy in their system and auras find the process easier and more expansive in terms of images being more vivid. For instance it might enhance the senses to the point where one might be able to even smell in the scenes. A clear and flowing meridian system means that is is possible to relax to a greater extent at the beginning leading to a successful result and deeper hypnosis. If you would like more details on this work in advance then please have a look at my Crystal Therapy for Health page.
  • Q: Do I have to believe in the idea of past lives or reincarnation for the regression to work?
  • A: No, but you are likely to after the session! Everyone has the potential to experience the images of past lives, irrespective of their beliefs. Your subconscious will show you what it believes is important to your life right now and cannot be influenced or lie under hypnosis.
  •  Q:  I have heard of repression. Can you tell me what it is?
  • A:  A repression is a memory of a traumatic event that is emotionally charge. So the conscious mind chooses not to remember it or the emotion attached to it. Repressions cause a symptom to arise out of the trapped emotion (a bit like a buried splinter), which can include fears, phobias, anxieties, depression, addictions, allergies, twitching, OCD etc. These can come from either a past life or earlier in the present life. Hypnosis allows us to access the original event in a controlled and desensitised way and provide a means by which we can relieve the problem.
  • Q: Can you tell me what it will feel like after the session?
  • A: Clients express feelings of relief, amazement, peace and reassurance from what they have seen and from knowledge of a life after death. Processing of what they have seen can go on therapeutically for days or weeks afterwards. Having a typed transcript also allows you to remember more fully the scenes that you have encountered in the future.


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What do you charge?

A session of Past Life Regression is slightly over two hours long at a fee of £85. This is the right amount of time to understand the hypnosis process, carry out a full regression, and explore either multiple past lives, one life in detail. O tor address a particular problem in your present life. Included within this is the audio recording sent via email after the session. Also a typed up record of notes from the regression a few days later which can run to up to 4 pages long sometimes.

Overall why would you say I should do Past Life Therapy?

Your subconscious shows you past life situations for a reason. I am very happy to help you make adjustments in the past to improve your present life. Or to help you speak to people in those past lives to resolve issues between you, bringing back affirmations for your present life and causing permanent change. I am very keen to make sure that my clients achieve the very most out of their regression sessions and so ask them lots of questions and encourage them to look around as far as possible. We record all sorts of information if possible like dates, places, names, ages, type of clothing worn, the style of the housing at that time and so on. Historically its fascinating whether you see World War wartime scenes, the Middle Ages, the Victorian era and so on.

Are there any final thoughts about this work?

At the end of a Regression session I also occasionally carry out Crystal Therapy with my clients for injuries that they have sustained and seen in their past lives, as strange as that seems! I have found that clients seeing a particular injury in a past life scene later report that they have a present life injury, ache or pain at that same site. The past life injury is actually carrying forward negative energy to the present life body. I have used simple crystal therapy work to clear these energetic imprints from the present life body. A good example of this is the client who saw himself as a Roman soldier in a past life remarking on a very heavy sword hurting his hands. Coming out of the hypnosis at the end I could find ‘red hot’ energy still in his hands. This is a place where he had trouble in this lifetime, and so I was able to help relieve him of this!

Contact Information:

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Past Life Regression SuffolkPast Life Regression SuffolkPast Life Regression Suffolk