How to use a pendulum (Part 1)

How to use a pendulum (Part 1)

How to use a pendulum (Part 1):

First of all I’d like to tell you about my pendulum. I use a pendulum in my work to assess geopathic stress for homes and businesses pretty much every day. It therefore has to work effectively for me.

I have three pendulums but my favourite is most definitely a heavier narrow pointed Labradorite crystal pendulum. I found that improvised pendulums such as a ring on a piece of string didn’t work for me. Mine has just the right heavy weight so that there’s no danger that a stray air current can move the pendulum rather than a proper dowsing signal but not so heavy that it makes my arm ache. It has a small crystal ball on the end of the chain that sits neatly in my curled up little finger preventing slipping. The dark colour means that its easy to see what’s happening, and the Labradorite crystal is thought to aid intuition! My others are a multi faceted piece of quartz with about 24 tiny faces. Its quite broad at the top and beautiful, but a little light including the chain, so its difficult to see the signal properly sometimes and I have to hold my other hand underneath to be sure of the direction of swing. The other is a rounded amethyst. Good as a healing crystal but a bit light again as a pendulum. Try to choose your new pendulum in a shop so that you can feel it in your hand. Oh and keep it in a little soft bag to protect it.

Once you have found your ideal pendulum I would suggest that you just hold it in your hand for a while…sort of connecting to it. Its quite a personal thing using a pendulum, especially once you work with guides. You might not want to lend it to anyone else. After a little while lay the chain across the inside of your curled up fingers with the little ball just hanging over the edge of your little finger trapped by the curled up finger. I out of preference have my forefinger extended a little with the chain running over the first knuckle crease so it doesn’t move about. I also have my thumb trapping the chain onto my forefinger and my hand virtually upright so that my little finger is at the bottom and my forefinger at the top. My pendulum then hangs down about 4 inches or less to the top of the ‘bob’. You don’t want to have the chain too long or it takes ages to actually get a signal and you’ll be waiting all day! Too short and the thing is just spinning round madly!

So now you’re ready to start. Rest your elbow on the table to a comfortable height, sitting upright, and hold your pendulum as I have described. Later on you will be able to sit back in a chair with your arm supported on the rest. When I was learning I would frustratingly be sitting there willing it to move so that I could programme a yes and no response. Oh those hours of waiting! Then I was taught to physically make it turn, first clockwise, and once its turning then to tell it out loud that you want that to be a yes signal. Stop the pendulum in a bit and ask it to show you a yes signal. Be patient! And keep trying. Once it can show you a yes signal, then try physically turning the pendulum in an anticlockwise direction and tell it out loud that you would like that to be your no signal. Again stop the pendulum and ask it to show you a no signal. This could happen straight away or it could take several days of programming attempts.

Once you can get a yes or no signal consistently you can ask for the pendulum to show you a stronger signal. In other words for it to swing in a wider arc. You will probably have found that the thing hardly moved to begin with unless you were making it move! You should be aiming for an arc about 2 inches across ie. the circle under the swinging pendulum about 2″ across. Some dowsers have the pendulum swinging in an almost level arc but I don’t think that’s necessary to get the answer you are looking for to questions. If I’m tired or I’m not sure of the response I still have to ask for a stronger signal occasionally even now. Again you are in the process of programming your pendulum.

Once you’ve got a signal you can detect properly you are ready to ask a question. So ask your pendulum ‘Is my name……….?” and see what happens. If you are concentrating and focused on the task then it will hopefully give you a yes signal……if you can remember your name that is! The next question you could ask might be ‘Is it raining here at the moment?”. You can then continue asking questions becoming more familiar with your pendulum and what it can do for you. You might like to try questions holding it over a particular food and asking “Is this …… nutritionally good for me?”. At the end of the day, once your pendulum is programmed to you, its the quality of the questions that will get you the right results. You need to phrase your questions carefully or you won’t get precise answers and get led astray.

Some cautions:

– Be prepared for the pendulum to occasionally fail to respond. It may be that you have asked an inappropriate question.

– Your pendulum may inexplicably change its yes and no response to the opposite direction. Until you are working together properly you may need to reprogramme the pendulum if it does this, setting up the yes and no response again. You’ll get there eventually!

– Be careful with your questions. Always ask ‘Can I, May I, Should I……….?” before asking a question that concerns another person. You may cause them harm if you ask inappropriate questions. It is also contravening the dowsers Code of Conduct (See the British Society of Dowsers website Only dowse for information that concerns you personally or that you have been given permission to ask for others.

– It takes a good long time to really be able to use a pendulum effectively, let alone think of dowsing your home for geopathic stress. But the Dowsing Society do run very good courses in this if you are interested

– Again be careful of your questions. There are dark things out there that we dowsers remove for clients. You don’t want to stumble across one by mistake. Don’t dabble. Its unwise. And if you do get into trouble inadvertently, get in touch with me for help.

– Have fun with your pendulum. Use it for useful things, guiding you as to food choices, finding lost keys or golf balls and so on. But don’t expect it to come up with answers to everything in life. Life’s too fun to resort to a pendulum for everything! And to be honest its difficult to dowse for anything personal for yourself or those you are close to without affecting the results by being emotionally involved. You get false results easily otherwise.