Finding a Dowser in Suffolk

Finding a Dowser in Suffolk:

Sarah Payne is a qualified and practised dowser living in Coastal Suffolk specialising in dowsing for Geopathic Stress – the unseen earth energies beneath and within a property that lower the immunity of the occupants of the home or business causing malaise, illness and sometimes serious illness. These can include subterranean water, earth magnetic lines and nodes, mineral deposits and geological faults, curses and spells, earthbound spirits, archaeological features and sites of past earth trauma such as battle sites and other conflicts. Part of the dowsing process is to provide relief from these energies which can cause situations from headaches and sleep problems, up to and including cancer and leukaemia. The individual exposed to those energies can then either recover alone, or can respond more effectively to conventional medicine. The average house experiences 14 geopathic stress issues, but these are particularly noticeable to the health when lines pass below the occupants bed asleep at night.

Dowsing the Person – checking for and relieving the individual of energies that can affect physical and mental health including spirit attachments (entities), various detrimental energy attachments, vitamin, mineral and heavy metal imbalances, and issues from past lives including karma and soul fragments.

Sarah is a busy Registered Practitioner with the British Society of Dowsing and so is available for work worldwide, as well as work within the local vicinity of Suffolk.

Normally this type of dowsing work is carried out remotely ie. from the dowsers workplace, rather than visiting the property. It is also possible to carry out the work on site, but not preferred because the dowser is particularly tuned into the energies and can be ‘distracted’ by their power and so lose focus rather than carrying out the best assessment possible.

It is possible to carry out an initial office assessment of a property on request, producing a figure for geopathic stress for a building on a scale of -7 to +7 (- being negative, + being better) that gives an indication of the level of problem to the occupants. If a decision is taken to complete a fuller assessment then a plan of the property will be required along with completion of a questionnaire. This can be either an architects drawing to scale, or an informal plan produced by hand by the client. Both are equally as effective. Sarah would then carry out the dowsing, remedial work, and produce a report for the client which can be emailed or posted. Follow up checks and further remedial work at 2 weeks, 3 and 6 months would be carried out as part of the fee. The aim is to achieve a level of +7 for the property for optimum health. This sometimes involves the client in making minor changes themselves too. The effect of the dowsing process can be felt either immediately or within 24 hours, and the work is mostly permanent…and painless.

To contact Sarah Payne for a property assessment, or assessment of yourself, please email her at, or phone 01206 265905.