The Effect of Spirits Attached to People



This article concerns the effect of Spirits attached to people, and how Crystal Therapy can be used to return clients to normal life again.


This can be a tricky one to talk about, but Earthbound Spirit (Ghosts) and other entities can ‘attach’ to humans, and do pretty regularly if there are holes in the Auras present.

Quite a big part of my work involves dowsing and clearing houses but also my clients and their university age children, husbands, even their beloved dogs, for spirits and other energies attached to them.

How do holes in the auras form?

If one suffers a big trauma in life like bereavement, witnessing your parents divorce, a hugely stressful time at work, even a difficult move home, the Auras around your body can become damaged. It can also come about from GeoEmotional Stress. The energies from the land within a watercourse running under a home stressing and weakening the auras. Or from experience I have witnessed auric impairment from surgical operations, recreational drugs, smoking, tattoos and even a high level of medicinal drugs. Another way of weakening auras is the level of Emotional Energy within the body system collecting at particular points on the invisible meridian system leading to pressure on the auras at these points.

We have seven layers around our bodies that are generally invisible to the naked eye, though some people are gifted at seeing auras in colour. We have layers attributable to the physical body; the emotional body; the mental body (thoughts and beliefs); the astral body (connecting the physical to the spiritual); the etheric body (the soul); the cosmic body (healing); and the ketheric or celestial body (the life plan or soul path). Without getting too involved in the function of these auras, they are essentially our protection from unwanted energies out there. And retaining our precious life giving energy on the inside.

How do auric holes affect health?

Without intact auras our health cannot be 100% no matter how positive, energetic and health conscious we are. If you have one of the above mentioned traumas, or even something simpler than that, one or more of the auric layers can become damaged with a leak, tear, or in the worse case, a hole appearing. And guess what, this leaves an open door for energies wanting to benefit from our own.

Can you give me an example of having a spirit attached?

I need to tell you a little story now to describe what happens when a spirit attaches. Many years ago I was doing some fairly hefty DIY on a 1350’s tudor cottage. As part of the alteration work I took out an old wattle and daub inner wall and shortly afterward started to develop a painful hip. I can’t now remember whether my personality changed at the time but I was certainly in pain, so I took myself off to the osteopath to have it put right. A rather unusual osteo I was seeing at the time put her hands on my head to carry out cranial work and immediately lifted them off saying that I had a spirit of an old woman attached to me. Being the gifted person that she was, she explained all of this to me and then told me that she was going to communicate with the old lady to help her go ‘to the light’. Only afterwards did she say that the old lady was one of a pair of sisters that had lived in our house and had died in pain after breaking her hip. Needless to say my hip got better after that. Completely. The old lady had been transferring her pain to me, which in a way I hope brought her some sort of relief at last. I can now see that I must have had an auric hole of some sort for this to have happened. But its taken me many years since to have a complete understanding of this.

When I started dowsing professionally I found that a very large part of my work was in the removal of spirits, either from people or properties. I have always felt very honoured to be able to help both clients and spirits in this way, but was troubled about how easily I was picking up spirits myself. I was walking around a bit like a leaky sieve! I’d go down to the post box and come back with several attached to me. It was a constant tightrope to avoid them. What I hadn’t realised was that I had a huge hole in the auras over my heart. The spirits were literally seeing the expanded energy of my heart with the work that I was doing. Then thinking oh yes here is someone that can help. I did, but not in the way they were expecting. I helped them to go ‘to the light’, where the real bliss is. But it was a constant job. A fellow dowser helped close up my auric hole and life, and work, has been easier since. As well as of course solving the reason for the hole in the first place with Crystal Therapy.

What does it feel like to have a spirit attached?

The ‘benefit’ of the experience of Spirit Attachment is that I have a very good understanding of what it is like to have a spirit attached to you. They can create pain in certain parts of the body, especially the neck, back, shoulders and the head. But the curious thing is the effect that they have on the personality. I suddenly felt very aggressive and ‘fighty’ one day and discovered I had an aggressive male spirit attached to me. Female spirits feel more serene if they are benevolent spirits, but can be quite feisty if malevolent.

The era in which a spirit died can have an effect too. If they died well into BC ie. 30 – 40,000 BC, they will be simpler but more physical in their manner and the effect they have on you. People who died in AD, and especially those who died in the last couple of centuries, are more sophisticated in their character and mental attitude. As a consequence, they feel different when attached to you. There were times when I could actually feel spirits moving around in my head and body, a surreal experience.

Could you give me some more examples of spirit attachment?

I have had two past clients who are note worthy to talk about. One was a lady in a high powered job. She came to visit me at a time when I used to meet clients in person. I already suspected that she had a spirit attached to her, though she hadn’t commissioned me to investigate her as well at that point. She strode in to my house and basically cornered me in the kitchen to discuss the house plans she had brought. Her eyes were dark and she was really quite scary. A little later I did indeed remove 7 spirits from her and close up 12 auric holes to protect her in the future. But the interesting thing is that these spirits were very early men, what I would call quite ‘ugg’, used to hunting and fighting to survive. Violence and aggression were second nature to them. They were having this sort of effect on her, and sadly had been with her for most of her adult life. About 2 weeks after this I met her again for a different reason. She had become very calm, gentle, and really quite feminine, a great surprise. She told me that she had heard her voice on an answer machine message and been surprised to hear how much higher the pitch of her voice was now. Really, quite a different person.

The second client was a young man. His mother and sister were worried about him because he was very argumentative and was getting into fights and trouble generally. I was asked to dowse him and found that he had 8 early man spirits attached to him, which I then removed, and closed up the auric tears that allowed them in. These early ‘ugg’ men were changing his character completely.

This article is about the effect of spirits attached to people. Hopefully you can now see that they can have a huge impact.

How would you go about removing a spirit attachment?

If you are worried about someone you love or work with and think they are acting out of character, I would be very happy to see if there is something there to be removed. The process of removal is quite straightforward through a series of Crystal Therapy treatments. Initially it is to remove the ‘Attachment’ and start the process of closing the auras. Subsequent appointments allow us to get to the root cause of the holes in the first place either by clearing a home of GeoEmotional Stress (there is information on this on another page of this site). Or by clearing the body system of Emotional Energy through further Crystal Therapy. We would continue treatment until the auras are 100% again.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you think you have a problem with an ‘Attachment‘ you could get in touch with your full name, address, date of birth, and I can carry out a check of the issues affecting you. Then we go from there.

I can be contacted at or by phoning 01473 738038.

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