Does Remote Dowsing Work?

Does Remote Dowsing work? Yes it does!

Of course it relies on the dowser in question forming his or her questions carefully and being trained and objective at what they do. But yes it does work very well. I live and work in Suffolk and regularly carry out remote dowsing surveys of homes and businesses across the UK. Last week I worked on a project in USA and Italy and noticed very little difference in the process!

Professional dowsers are employed to assess properties (homes and businesses) for stresses to health. Then using a variety of methods to neutralise or remove the problems. Dowsing is essentially the process of asking a series of specific questions. This can be using either special metal rods, or a crystal pendulum over charts, maps and plans. It is an ancient skill, traditionally used to find life giving water. This has developed into a method of assessing properties for health within the last 30 years. Dowsers are also able to assess the human body for health issues too. Once a property has been treated the individual exposed to the negative energies can respond much better to Crystal Therapy. Or to respond more effectively to conventional medicine.

Out of interest I have become over time an ‘eye’ dowser and have left my pendulum on the shelf now. This means that I have trained myself to use my eyes over proforma sheets, plans of houses and satellite images to find the information that I need. As strange as it seems this is something that many other dowsers use as well. In fact when for instance you are standing in a supermarket trying to choose between two different food items you are doing just the same. Or if you are choosing crystals from a box in a shop. Or books from a shelf, or even tv programmes from a  weekly schedule. I have just chosen to progress that further to more advanced question and answer processes.

I am a Registered Practitioner with the British Society of Dowsing and am available for work worldwide, as well as work within the local vicinity of Suffolk. I carry out all of my work ‘remotely’ ie. I do not visit the property but use maps and plans for my assessment and treatment. This is a widely used and recognised practise even though it can seem a little strange to clients initially. Remote work allows me to tune into the energies without being ‘distracted’ by their power and so lose focus rather than carrying out the best assessment possible.

Dowsing is a powerful tool in the search for good health in our homes. Remote dowsing enables me to provide a more comprehensive service than would otherwise be possible. Why not give it a try?!