Does dowsing work?

Does dowsing work? Well, I have had the most wonderful Testimonial for my Geopathic Stress work today, and wanted to share it!

I did some work for an alternative health practitioner recently at his home, distant from me. He was finding life a little difficult after moving into a new home, and had heard from a friend about my dowsing work. Little did I realise when he called initially what an extraordinary and lengthy project it would be to work on. But with great benefits to the gentleman in question. There were so many layers of different energies ranging from earth energy lines to underground water, ancient settlements, spirits, earth traumas, curses, human emotional imprints from so long ago, and so on and so on. Quite a job! But this is what he wrote to me after the work was complete:

“I moved in August of last year (2013) and although I had seen and felt enough happy vibes to think I’d be happy in my new home, after moving in for a while I began to perceive certain areas in the house seemed to be unsettled or were unsettling to me.

Being quite a sensitive chap there was one room in the house in particular that seemed to make me uneasy, without being able to put my finger on it. I had heard from a friend of Sarah, a dowser, who had worked at her house and done wonders, so immediately my ears pricked up. Having decided to phone Sarah, I found her to be very straightforward and easy to talk too. She explained in simple terms how houses can be built on areas of geopathic stress, which show as an imbalance in the energies of the Earth itself. Or from past human emotions/events, making people feel uneasy for no obvious reason.

Sarah described how she uses a dowsing method from a distance to link into the house, to diagnose any imbalances, and then repair and heal them – and finally she would issue a report detailing what she had discovered. All she would need is a plan of the house, and to view it from Google Earth!

Anyway, Sarah rang the next day to confirm her findings, and what she told me was mind blowing! The level of detail was astounding, and her skilful overview of our property helped me immensely to understand why I had been feeling the way I had. The changes she made had an immediate effect, and after a couple of days it all felt much better and lighter in the house. I must say Sarah is very supportive and made me feel at ease during the whole process. I think its very important to feel at home in your own house, and with Sarah’s help I am finally beginning to achieve this. It’s the best moving in present ever! I wholeheartedly recommend her”

Wow! It makes it all worthwhile

Just to add to this post a couple of weeks later, I have had another interesting confirmation of my work from a client who was getting steadily more unwell before my eyes. We had spoken about my work many times but I couldn’t convince her of the validity of dowsing or clearance work. Then suddenly she had a huge reaction to something and I offered to prove what could be done. This is part of what she said after I did the work, removing various energies:

‘I can honestly say that before I read your email things felt different – in a positive way. The emotion in the hallway seems to have lifted and does not have a ‘dull’ feeling. There seems to be a lightness now. The dog is a lot calmer too. She never used to go down the stairs, always wanted to be carried (editor’s note – spirit at the bottom of the stairs). She is now more than happy. The living room is more of a comfortable temperature, and feels strangely solid. Not sure how else to explain it! The health part of the whole situation was very scary. You were right, I actually can’t thank you enough!’

A few days later she added ‘Everybody seems a lot happier and relaxed. I personally feel so much less tired. This maybe because the weather is warmer, but it hasn’t taken as long for the fire to heat the living room (editor’s note – she talked about it always feeling cold before). I can feel a change. It has had a massive impact! Amazing results!’

Wow again!