Do ghosts exist?

Do ghosts exist?

Do ghosts exist?

Why yes, I’m afraid they do!

Ghosts can be present in the land, within a home, or attached to a person unwittingly. They might stay where they fell in battle or through murder, or move about. Many don’t know they are in fact dead and so much of their time is spent in finding comfort or reassurance. Some are more malevolent definitely, but mostly they are just lost souls.

A ghost or spirit is a person who for one reason or another has not passed over properly. The majority do this perfectly well thankfully, but a minority have difficulty. They stay suspended on earth until someone can release them, in a sort of between world grey state. A person who has died suddenly or traumatically is particularly susceptible to staying behind. Some do stay as well because they do not want to be parted from family or loved ones. But sadly they are still stuck.

I do not see ghosts, which I am quite glad about, and I do remove a lot of them through my dowsing work. Probably about quarter of a million so far one way or another. When I say remove it really it is a sort of honour to be able to release them. They can be associated with battle or conflict sites either in open ground or under properties. Or in houses where the original people have died of natural causes and somehow become stuck. I also find them actually attached to people where they cause all sorts of aches and behaviour changes. They are what is known as ‘attachments’ at this point and have got in through holes in the auric bubble.

I am sometimes told that its nice to have Granny around still. But truthfully I have to say that it might be better to release her because there is a good chance otherwise that she will always be here. Staying earthbound at this point is not a choice for the spirit.

I tend to find spirits because in fact they are a form of negative energy, so they come up in my work with clients in clearing their home. They are contributing factors to what is known as Geopathic Stress. Or the negative effects of energy from the land affecting buildings and homes. You can find lots more information on other types of geopathic stress by clicking on my various pages above this blog. When present they can cause cold and uncomfortable spots in homes. Or move things, making sounds and so on. Overall they can contribute to an ill at ease feeling in properties which is upsetting to the general demeanour. Ultimately they will affect health through being a negative energy in a home, quite apart from the compassionate reasons for helping them pass over at last.

Do you have a ghost in your house that you would like removing?

Are you worried about a relative that has recently died?

Do you have strange things happen in your house that cannot be explained?

Have you, or someone you love, changed in character recently, or taken on a specific pain that will not go away?

Maybe I can help

If you would like to email me at I can check if you have a problem, and then advise you as to how I would go about solving it through dowsing and crystal work. This might be as part of a bigger energy exercise, or it might be as a one-off ‘removal’.