Crystal Therapy

Health is very complex! But with Crystal Therapy and removal of Emotional Energy we can make improvements and allow our lives and health to flow again more naturally.

What is Emotional Energy?

Emotional energy very simply is just that, energy. Nothing complicated really. It is just an energetic imprint of emotion applied to either our auras or meridian systems, the invisible pathways of the body.

If we had no Emotional Energy in our system at all then we would be wonderfully calm and ‘blissed out’! But life is not really like that. We have emotional situations happening to us all the time. Probably on average every ten seconds. So every time this happens we make emotional choices. We might also react to a situation imposed on us with emotion too. This emotion unfortunately can ‘stick’ to us unless we process it in such a way that we can understand the reason for the emotion, why it happened, and effectively discharge it within a short time. But that would mean we would have to be perfect! And that’s rare! So all of us go through a process every day of adding energy to our systems in the form of emotion. Primarily this would be to the auras, that lovely shiny bubble around us, but it can also transfer to the meridian system, the invisible pathways in the physical body.

How does Emotional Energy affect us?

The auras are the first place that Emotional Energy from our lives is recorded from every emotional event we have ever experienced before of a significant level. It is essentially a record of everyone we have ever been both in this life and our past lives. A blueprint for who we really are if you like. The only trouble is that Emotional Energy can be somewhat harmful for us if it is negative. Positive energy is fine and our lives would be the poorer without Love, Compassion and Happiness but the negative variety causes us problems. In the auras it affects our behaviour and ‘informs’ us negatively how to react in emotional situations. In other words it might well mislead us by copying our reaction to similar but slightly different events in our past lives. This might be inappropriate to the event now in this lifetime when the situation might demand a different response altogether.

We tend to recreate situations in this lifetime based on past life experience, due to the Emotional Energy present in our auras. If we can remove this Emotional Energy then we can live different and simpler lives. Simple as that. The Emotional Energy makes us more anxious, frustrated, nervous, tense and overly ‘driven’ than we should be to create activity and ‘success’. Without it we can be our calm ‘authentic’ selves, as the expression goes, but very true. My clients find that once Emotional Energy has been cleared they don’t feel the need to rush about needlessly and can just let life ‘flow’ easily.

What happens if we remove the Emotional Energy?

If we have experienced many emotional past lives or have had a difficult life this time around emotionally then more than likely we will have clusters of energy in the auras. These might be of specific emotional types from a list of 8 main emotions and many more sub emotions. In order to maximise one’s auras and preserve what we perceive as our ‘energy’ I have developed a method of removing these energy clusters so that we can ‘feel’ emotion again as just who we are supposed to be in this lifetime, unfettered by the past. It can also restore our health by allowing free movement of energy around the body.

Does Emotional Energy stay in the Auras?

After occupying the aura’s emotion as energy for a while it can then start to become attached to the invisible meridians of the body. This prevents free flow of healthy energy or chi around the body. One can identify these ‘slowing’ points as specific to a particular emotion and also a specific affliction or illness. By removing these the energy can flow again healthily around the body optimising health. I think of it as freeing someone from an Emotional Wave ™. This is where their health is completely driven by existing emotional energy in their auras and meridians. By getting them off the Emotional Wave ™ it allows them to go back onto their natural vibrational wave again with a free flow of energy.

Where do I visit you for treatments?

You don’t! You stay at home whilst I work. I spend a lot of time working with quartz and coloured crystals over drawings of the clients body to develop good flows again. We arrange hourly Crystal Therapy sessions when I work ‘remotely’ from my desk over drawings of the body rather than meeting clients in person. I do enjoy meeting clients believe me but have found this process to be much more beneficial in the long run so that I can create significant change in a shorter and more economical time. This means many crystals on a drawing rather than trying to balance them on the body! The use of crystals over drawings is a bit like my work on houses. It takes a leap of faith to see that this might work. But believe me it does! Crystal Therapy can be very powerful and effect big changes in the body given opportunity, allowing the body to heal itself from within. The crystals provide the stimulus for change and then the body takes over and works the magic.

So what is good ‘health’ then?

To me, good health is the absence, or near absence of Emotional Energy in our auric and meridians systems. As simple as that. My aim always with my clients is to get them to the point that they have as little Emotional Energy left. In other words they are free of negative emotional traits and stimuli. It would be impossible to be entirely free of Emotional Energy because on a daily basis we are experiencing emotional situations all the time requiring our response. Without being absolutely perfect in our response to situations emotionally we just can’t keep Emotional Energy out of our systems. But we can reduce it as much as possible and then on a maintenance basis, much as one might visit an acupuncturist or homeopath, one might have one’s Emotional Energy levels checked say every six months and reduced again to maintenance levels.

What do your clients say about this work?

Some lovely comments I have had from my clients about my work are as follows:

“I think you have a rare gift for finding the least obvious solution to ill health, that of emotion. I know it gets talked about a lot but this sort of treatment seems to find emotion, or energy, in places you wouldn’t expect. Or at least it feels like that. I feel so calm and rested. The best I’ve felt in years. Keep at it. This seems to work. Heaven knows how, but I think you are on to something!”

“What joy to feel so connected at last!”

“When can I come back for more!”

“What a wonderful nights sleep! Best in years. I even slept for 12 hours!”

“Things seem to be in flow creatively, so this is all very exciting!!

“I’m feeling really good this morning. I dropped off at around 8.30 last night! I woke up briefly at around 10.30 but went back to sleep easily. I’m feeling really inspired, I practically woke up writing songs!”

“The most noticeable change is that I am a great deal happier. The morning after your first session I awoke different and have been more my old self since then. I have a long way to go but my level of happiness is is such a massive change”

What will you be doing during a Crystal Therapy treatment?

When contacted by a client and arranging a first Crystal Therapy session I would first assess the person for their auric quality ie. the size and shape of their auras, and whether there are any imperfections or ‘attachments’ resulting from the imperfections. I would also assess and work on their auras for emotional energy clusters to restore the quality of the auric bubble around them. The third part of a crystal session is to assess the physical body and meridian system for energy flow, spotting where emotions in the auras have transferred to the physical body and how we might go about removing these flow ‘blockers’. This will help restore the client to a natural vibrational wave again rather than being driven and affected by emotion from the past as well as the present life. Everything is achieved by dowsing and crystal work.

The client is very much involved in their own health by completing a questionnaire at the beginning and by feedback on how their health is progressing. Successive appointments seek to continue improving on the quality of the auras to retain a clients positive ‘energy’ on the inside. We would also continue to address health issues through removing further blocks to flow until the client has achieved a complete auric bubble again.

What should I do myself during a Crystal Therapy session?

I will ask you simply to be at home. Nothing more is expected of you. But during the hour’s session I will be working intensively on your system so you may prefer to be resting or just quietly sitting and noticing what is happening. Some clients feel sleepy, particularly during the first session. Even more reason to be at home. This essentially is the body relaxing. This may be for the first time in a long while.

The first night after treatment you might sleep very deeply. You might dream a bit as energy starts to leave the body but don’t pay attention to the dreams. They tend to be fairly scrambled and random. Over the next few days before another appointment you might well notice all sorts of changes in the body and in your own attitude to things. Different to previously. Physical symptoms could change. Sometimes this feels like you are going backwards but really this is the body reprocessing to make way for change. We can ‘cement’ the change during the next session once more adverse energy has bubbled to the surface.

What do you charge for this type of treatment?

It is possible that you may only need one session of Crystal Therapy to get to the bottom of everything if we have not worked together before, but sometimes it can take up to three. It just depends what was there in the first place and how affected your health is presently. If I notice that there is something blocking your change then we will try to establish what this is. But the intention is to get you to the point where the system is in balance and self supporting.

These hourly sessions currently cost £42 each (£45 for overseas clients), paid in advance of sessions.

What do we do next?

If this type of Crystal Therapy treatment is of interest then please do get in touch at: 

or by calling 014743 738038

and let’s see if I can help. If you would prefer to talk on the phone and I am working on a client at the time and the answerphone is on then I will return your call as soon as possible. I will be happy to talk to you about your health and arrange a first crystal session, identifying problem areas and maximising your ‘energy’.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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