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…  the low tech solution to improving Health and Wellbeing


Do you aspire to good health but find it hard to achieve?

Does life move forward as well as it should?


…..There are three ways in which I can help you improve things!


Life is all about flow. Without it things stagnate or just get stuck. This might be your health, wellbeing, job prospects, relationships or all aspects to life. My work is concerned with identifying ‘blocks’ to flow wherever they may be. Then correcting these with a variety of techniques including Crystal Therapy.

In order to improve flow in health I use Crystal Therapy to remove Emotional Energy clusters and blocks from the auras or meridian system of the body.

This type of work can be carried out across the world ‘remotely’ ie. from my desk to where you are. I have worked this way in all continents of the world now.

This low cost, low tech solution to ill health using the humble crystal can be used to create greater clarity, calmness and ‘prosperity’ in life.

I also offer Past Life Therapy to identify past life situations blocking flow in this lifetime. Through hypnosis we are able to go back into Past Lives to find out who a client has been before. Also who they have known previously and might still know in their present lives. And to find events and situations that have set up blockages to flow in their present life.

Sometimes I work in a combination of ways for clients. Or sometimes in just one form of treatment. But I am very happy to talk to you to find out which would suit you best.

If you think that you would benefit from a boost to the system I look forward to hearing from you!

Dowsing is the ancient art of detecting answers to questions using a swinging pendulum over charts, lists and plans. Then using a range of techniques including crystal work on a drawing of the body or a satellite image and ‘intention’ to create change and better flows of energy. Removing blockages that might cause interruption otherwise. Although you will see pictures of me using a pendulum on this website nowadays I actual dowse with my eyes, finding the right information from proforma sheets, boxes of crystals and just ‘knowing’ where to place a crystal or which is the right process to use at a given time. My whole way of dowsing has evolved as I have continued to learn and develop new ways of working, continually improving what I can offer to clients

What do people think?

” Thank you for all the work you have done. I am much more relaxed and positive. My husband is less achey than he was and we have both slept better. So please keep up the good work! ”

Then a few days later…” Great news! I am feeling good and very positive and happy again. I certainly hope this is for keeps as I was in a horrible place and have been for several months. I am so pleased…so very pleased ”

And lastly a few days after that…” Been busy celebrating my 80th and Wow have we done that and still more to come! I still continue in a much better frame of mind, settled, positive and interested in my new home now at last. Thank you! “

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” Thank you for your note. I was aware of you doing the work yesterday and at one point sitting at the kitchen table I just felt happy. I smiled and felt calm so that seemed to be my intuition telling me we are doing something right! “

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” I noticed a big change in my daughter when I spoke to her on the phone this morning. For months now I’ve felt that somehow the girl I knew had ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by someone I didn’t really understand and who wasn’t that easy to be with. Today for the first time in ages she seemed like her old self again. I’m sure the therapy has helped her “

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” Sarah’s skills were introduced to me by a friend. having used many alternative/complimentary therapies before, I was not familiar with dowsing. Feeling pretty desperate, you could say I was grasping at straws…however, I actually pulled the long straw! I would highly recommend Sarah for her communication, understanding and dowsing work which has created a shift in my problems. Some may say its coincidental…I do believe that it was Sarah’s work that created this shift in a very sad situation, making life that little bit easier “

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” Feeling really good. It’s like a background computer program that’s been running without my control has been switched off. All the things which have been agitating me from the past and more recent times I am dealing with without feeling guilty regarding my actions. Its broken the cycle of feeling guilty if I respond negatively or angry with myself for not. Just feeling far more rational and ‘grounded’ “

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” Whilst you were working I felt I needed to take a quick nap and so I lay on the sofa. I had only been asleep for about half an hour when I was awakened by a gentle current of a sort passing through my body. When I woke up I continued to feel this current for a couple of seconds and goose bumps immediately thereafter for about a second or so. I have never experienced anything quite like this before. I then thought I’ll shut my eyes for a few more minutes but I then fell into a deep sleep for a couple of hours, very deep sleep. When I was sleeping I could feel that I was smiling quite a bit in my sleep. It wasn’t that I was dreaming, but that I was smiling. It was a lovely feeling. All this is new to me! Later my husband came back for lunch and while waiting for me to get lunch he fell asleep briefly on the sofa. I saw my husband smiling in his sleep just like I did earlier and he continued to smile as he roused from his sleep. I don’t think I have ever seen him looking quite so at ease “

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Removing blockages to flow in the body can create:

An increased ‘lightness’ in the atmosphere of your home or office
Improved energy and vitality
Deeper and more restful sleep
A strengthened immune system
Improved relationships and family harmony
Greater clarity of mind
A general feeling of peace and well being

And more!