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The site formerly known as The Suffolk Dowser for Dowsing, Health Dowsing, Crystal Therapy and Past Life Regression has now ended. 

However in its place a new website has been created called:


This new website has taken all the skill and expertise learnt as The Suffolk Dowser with hundreds of clients across the world  to apply it to the Health of Clients through a new method of Crystal Therapy by Mail Order (Personal Crystal Therapy Treatment Pack). 

I find that I no longer need to work on the land and homes to help my Clients with Geopathic or GeoEmotional Stress other than to help the occasional Spirit to pass over properly from a client’s home. 

If you have a problem with a Spirit or Ghost in your home or you suspect that you have a Spirit or other Entity Attachment yourself then please do contact me via Emotional Wave Therapy and I can see can use various techniques to help you.

Often the reason for a Spirit being present in a home is due to the leaking of Emotional Energy from the Auras of a person living in the home, rather than a fault in the home itself. In which case Crystal Therapy can restore those Auras and the reason for a hole in them in the first place. The Spirit is then released naturally. But every case is different and I have plenty of experience over many years to help you. You might like to have a look at my recent Blog post concerning Auras and Spirit Release at:


You could also use my Contact page to send me an email at:


I will happily give you a return phone call if you leave a UK phone number for me on the form.

I look forward to your visit to Emotional Wave Therapy and hope that we will be in touch soon.

All the best


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